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After the FSA found that over 20% of its tested meat products contained the genes from animals not mentioned on their labels, ITV’s ‘Tonight’ show dived into the issue of meat traceability further during their programme titled "What's in your meat?”, and introduced as the UK’s most promising solution to "get back in touch from farm to fork" and source 100% traceable beef. Check it out!.

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Excellent 4.95/5.00
  • Shani, London

    'I am incredibly impressed with the entire service, quality of the meat and of course the great morals and ethics that buyacow stands for.'

  • Vikki, Manchester

    'The meat arrived and was very well boxed with biodegradable and compostable packaging not only caring about the butchering but also the environment.'

  • Kath B., Oxford

    'Great communication, punctual delivery...Meat very tasty, very pleased with our beef will not buy supermarket beef again, this is so much better.'

  • Hazel R., Royston

    'Easy to order, item delivered as promised...We are making our way through the meat...steak, mince and burgers all of which were very good.'

  • Deborah N., Ely

    '...the flavour far outstrips the "best" of supermarket offerings. Very reasonably priced...'

  • Unknown

    'Absolutely excellent - and most importantly sooooooo tasty'

  • Danielle M., Essex

    'Love the packaging and the fact it's already separated so no work for me just straight into the freezer.'

  • Unknown

    'Absolutely fantastic customer service... No hassle delivery... The meat tastes incredible, not like any other meat I’ve tried before.'

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