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In response to the Food Standard Agency’s (FSA) research which recently found over 20% of all tested meat to contain genetics from animal species not advertised, ITV’s ‘Tonight’ show investigated this issue further in a programme titled "What's in your meat", and introduced as the UK’s most promising solution to "get back in touch from farm to fork" and source 100% traceable beef.

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"It’s never been easier to source ethically-reared meat."
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Excellent 4.95/5.00
  • Shani, London

    'I am incredibly impressed with the entire service, quality of the meat and of course the great morals and ethics that buyacow stands for.'

  • Vikki, Manchester

    'The meat arrived and was very well boxed with biodegradable and compostable packaging not only caring about the butchering but also the environment.'

  • Kath B., Oxford

    'Great communication, punctual delivery...Meat very tasty, very pleased with our beef will not buy supermarket beef again, this is so much better.'

  • Hazel R., Royston

    'Easy to order, item delivered as promised...We are making our way through the meat...steak, mince and burgers all of which were very good.'

  • Deborah N., Ely

    '...the flavour far outstrips the "best" of supermarket offerings. Very reasonably priced...'

  • Unknown

    'Absolutely excellent - and most importantly sooooooo tasty'

  • Danielle M., Essex

    'Love the packaging and the fact it's already separated so no work for me just straight into the freezer.'

  • Unknown

    'Absolutely fantastic customer service... No hassle delivery... The meat tastes incredible, not like any other meat I’ve tried before.'

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