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Buyacow.uk connects you to your local, ethical farmers who rear grass-fed cattle with no hormones, chemicals or preventative antibiotics. These in turn produce healthy, premium grade beef that is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids.

You can buy a ‘share’ of a cow from a farmer & breed of your choice and once all its remaining shares are sold, your share will be butchered, matured and delivered to your door in a meat-box.

Our model helps you trace exactly where the meat you eat comes from, and ensures it is environmentally sustainable as no parts of the cow are wasted. Cutting out the supermarket also means you pay less for premium meat, while helping small-scale farmers earn more!

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Large premium meat box of 6.7kg £89.95 £125.17
Marks & Spencer
Price per serving £1.66 £2.32 £1.63 £1.51 £2.05
Price per kilo £13.42 £18.68 £13.15 £12.20 £16.48
Prices are based on the average price quoted for equivalent contents from represented supermarkets (as of 24-07-2018). See detailed price comparison.

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Trustedshops.co.uk reviews:
Excellent 4.96/5.00
  • Shani, London

    'I am incredibly impressed with the entire service, quality of the meat and of course the great morals and ethics that buyacow stands for.'

  • Vikki, Manchester

    'The meat arrived and was very well boxed with biodegradable and compostable packaging not only caring about the butchering but also the environment.'

  • Kath B., Oxford

    'Great communication, punctual delivery...Meat very tasty, very pleased with our beef will not buy supermarket beef again, this is so much better.'

    Hazel R., Royston

    'Easy to order, item delivered as promised...We are making our way through the meat...steak, mince and burgers all of which were very good.'


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