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We understand that buying a meat-box online for the first time (whether from or somewhere else) can sometimes be a little bit nervy! So, we thought it through and came to the conclusion that one of the best ways to allay any fears or anxieties would be to create a page devoted to displaying reviews that we’ve received over our different communication channels! Like our meat, we’ve decided to be 100% transparent and provide every review, good and bad, with ‘warts and all’. Now, with that pleasant image in mind, dig in!

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Deborah N., Ely
This is good beef. I like the system, really easy to use. Great eco-considerate packaging, kept the pack cool even on a super hot day where I had to leave it in the car boot for a couple hours. The cuts I've enjoyed so far have been excellent and the flavour far outstrips the "best" of supermarket offerings. Very reasonably priced. Delivery choice of Friday or Saturday morning very handy.

Kath B., Oxford
Great communication, punctual delivery. Well and environmentally friendly packaged. Meat very tasty, very pleased with our beef Will not buy supermarket beef again, this is so much better.

Vikki G., Manchester
The meat arrived and was very well boxed with biodegradable and compostable packaging not only caring about the butchering but also the environment. All the meat was perfectly packaged. Very highly recommended.

Terry G., Exeter
Arrived well packaged and quality very good. Would happily buy again.

Hayley, Ashford
First time using and am very pleased I took the leap of faith. I am a picky meat buyer and was concerned that the quality of meat would not be up to my exacting standards I was extremely impressed with the quality - as good as or probably better than I could choose from a supermarket shelf. Delivery was 3 days ago and we are already thinking about when we to place the next order.

Marian, Southampton
All good so far. Delivery and packing excellent. Emails keeping me upto date very welcome. Thank you.

Shani, London
I am incredibly impressed with the entire service, quality of the meat and of course the great morals and ethics that buyacow stands for.

This seems to be a very good way of buy meat. I am always iffy when looking at supermarket meat.

Vikki, Manchester
The meat arrived and was very well boxed with biodegradable and compostable packaging not only caring about the butchering but also the environment. All the meat was perfectly packaged. Very highly recommended.

Berry, Haywards heath
The only shame is that they only offer 2 morning delivery options, but the way the product is packaged and the flavour of the meat both excellent, also good value for money taking into account the amount of meat you get.

The order arrived beautifully packed for freezing. The meat tasted excellent.

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Thank you to all our Buy a cow reviewers!

We would like to thank everyone who has ever written a reviews of our initiative, products and the customer service which comes with them. The development of relies on them! Based on the feedback that we receive through reviews, we’re able to get a better understanding of the things we’re doing well and should do more of, and those that we’re not doing so well on and should do less of! For example, through our the conversations we has with potential customers we found out that Organic meat was of high demand for so we did everything we could to gain our organic certification as quickly as possible to be able to provide organic meat to you! So to all our reviewers and customers; a big thank you once again!

how it works

  • Sharing a cow together

    Click one of the cows above to buy a share. Then alongside our set cuts, customise your combo of minced products.


    Once 100% sold, your cow is slaughtered and matured for 3 weeks for premium texture and flavour.


    Your meat is then pre-portioned into 28 or 56 meals, vacuum sealed, and finally boxed using biodegradable cartons.


    We'll 'moo-ve' your meat-box to your doorstep, safely chilled, as well as free of any further charge!



    You'll know the farm, farmer, breed and ear tag number of the cow you buy a share of. No more mystery meat! :)


    No hormones or preventative antibiotics for the cow and no nasty additives or preservatives to your meat!


    Your cow will always be reared slowly and naturally. Slaughter takes always place humanely by captive bolt stunning.


    We only slaughter cows once completely sold and offer a nose-to-tail mix of meat in every box so all is used!