All I want for Christmas
is 'moo'

Surprise someone this Christmas with a parcel of the highest quality beef their taste-buds have ever experienced! By gifting a CowPon, they can redeem a box at a time of their choosing!
Merry Christmas! ;-)

Direct Delivery Conveniently delivered instantly by email, for you to forward or print
Sharing the Love A chance to spread the love of 100% traceable, waste-free, premium beef!
Original What's more memorable than a share of a cow under the tree!? ;-) CowPon above different price points

Put a cow under your tree!


Redeemable regardless of whether on an Organic or Premium, Red Devon or Aberdeen Angus cow, Our CowPons are availbe in the ammounts of:
£25.00, £59.95, £84.95, £99.95and £139,95.

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