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Meat Policy & Sustainability

What do we mean by ‘honest’ and ‘fair’ meat? It’s more complicated than it might seem:

Better quality of life

We know that good quality meat comes from animals that have had a good life. From our perspective, this is about ensuring good feed, plenty of space, a comfortable shelter, and rest – lots of rest. These are the conditions that a cow needs in order to grow and live well, and which ultimately give us the best meat.


We don’t allow growth-enhancing feed. Instead, we give our cows the nutrients that they need to grow at a slow and healthy rate. Our cattle feed is as simple as it is complex, consisting of plain grass with generous quantities of nutricious herbs, as well as clean drinking water. Besides this, the only thing our cows take in is lots of fresh air.

Plenty of space

We don’t express this in square metres, but simply in terms of what a cow finds comfortable. Our cows live outside in the pasture in Spring and Summer, where open barns provide shelter from sun and rain showers. Originally, forested areas provided the natural habitat for cattle - cows cannot tolerate too much direct sunlight and they need shade to prevent heat stress and exhaustion. Next time you pass a field of cows with a tree in it, check out how the cows lie underneath the tree to enjoy the shade!


Cows need lots of rest – it helps them to grow. A cow is not a thrill-seeker; it’s a calm animal that needs time to chew and runimate, without being disturbed. This is how fair meat is created, by taking good care of the source: the animal, the cow. A fair cow.

how it works

  • Sharing a cow together

    Click one of the cows above to buy a share. Then alongside our set cuts, customise your combo of minced products.


    Once 100% sold, your cow is slaughtered and matured for 3 weeks for premium texture and flavour.


    Your meat is then pre-portioned into 28 or 56 meals, vacuum sealed, and finally boxed using biodegradable cartons.


    We'll 'moo-ve' your meat-box to your doorstep, safely chilled, as well as free of any further charge!



    You'll know the farm, farmer, breed and ear tag number of the cow you buy a share of. No more mystery meat! :)


    No hormones or preventative antibiotics for the cow and no nasty additives or preservatives to your meat!


    Your cow will always be reared slowly and naturally. Slaughter takes always place humanely by captive bolt stunning.


    We only slaughter cows once completely sold and offer a nose-to-tail mix of meat in every box so all is used!