Farmer Dean Laramy

Farmer: Dean Laramy

Location: Offwell, Honiton, UK Breeds: Galloway, Limousin, Hereford, Devons, Aberdeen Angus

The Farmer

Having grown up on his father’s farm — who happens to still be farming late into his 80’s just up the road — Dean always knew his future was destined for the fields! He eagerly grew up learning anything and everything there was to know about farming sustainably and naturally, and, having tirelessly refined his craft through the years, Dean now has the privilege of passing down all his knowledge to his son David who now too has started to run a farm of his own!

The Farm

Based in the Offwell, Honiton, Dean farms on a beautifully green 400 acre estate, rearing a total of just over 400 cattle comprising suckler cows, their calves, as well as both store and finishing cattle. Whilst Dean explains that his farm — standing tall on a hill — has no history of archaeological interest, he’s adamant that the Earth he farms on is incredibly unique; holding the keys to his famously consistent green, green grass all year round. Specifically, he explains that the depth of his soil is so great that when the weather is very wet, his hill is able to let the rain slide down once its soaked up all it needs to, while when it gets very dry, its able to use its collected reservoirs of rainwater from prior seasons to nourish the grass. Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring — Dean’s grass is always, always healthy and green!

The Farming

Dean is a strong advocate for avoiding hormones or preventative antibiotics when rearing his animals. Instead, Dean has learnt that a strong focus on a carefully supervised level of natural nutrition, hygiene and animal welfare unswervingly delivers the best results on the plate. Dean also keeps a sharp eye on avoiding chemicals or sprays as much as possible when maintaining his grounds. Rather, he prefers to use natural fertilizers — like the dung produced on his own farm. He’s seen that this keeps worms alive and kicking in the area which are able to provide crucial nourishment to the biodiversity of the ground he stewards.

The Cattle

The reason Dean is so passionate about the health of his grass is that it's what he almost exclusively feeds his cows! Besides ensuring they have a healthy diet, Dean also ensures he spends extensive time to bond with his animals so they’re at ease, comfortable and stress-free whenever he’s around. Well nourished, happy, and stress-free; the way a cow’s life was meant to be!