Farmers Mike & Olly Hine

Farmer: Mike & Olly Hine

Location: Chard, Somerset, UK Breeds: British Blue, Aberdeen Angus, Simental, Charolais

The Farmers

3rd generation Farmers, Mike and his wife Diana, married now for 46 years, started their beautiful farm almost 20 years ago. They now have 4 children — 3 sons and 1 daughter; all the boys are crazy for farming, with Olly the eldest having now joined his father in the family business after finishing his studies. Rain or shine, day or night, you’ll find this father-son duo passionately working hard to maintain and champion their deep seeded values of environmental responsibility and animal welfare in everything they do.

The Farm

Based in Chard, Mike and Olly work a beautifully green and lucious 440 acre farm that rears 600 pasture based cattle at any one time. But more than just a place of work, Mike and Olly count themselves privileged enough to call this spot of Green, British heaven their home. 12 years ago Mike and Diana commissioned their dream home to be built and its stood tall ever since, looking over the farm they’ve diligently stewarded over the last 2 decades!

The Farming

Mike and Olly keep their animals unswervingly on the grass for the majority (usually 9 months) of the year but allow them into roomy, straw filled sheds when the seasons become too harsh for the animals outside. They’re strong advocates for nature-inclusive farming — that means working with nature to produce as she herself dictates! Specifically, they avoid applying pesticides and other chemicals to the grass and have done away with applying any hormones or preventative antibiotics to their livestock. They keep their animals on a pasture based diet as — like us — they believe this leads to the healthiest growth for the cow and ultimately the highest quality meat.

The Cattle

Mike and Olly rear a beautiful range of primarily Native breeds — think Herefords, Aberdeen Angus, Simmental as well as some Charolais and Limousin.

While Mike and Olly aren’t the type to believe that one breed supercedes any other — rather they believe taste and quality of beef comes from careful and caring rearing practices — they’re particularly proud of the Limousin that call their farm home. Because they’re slowly and peacefully reared, Mike and Olly think their Limousin creates a mean, tender steak that would challenge the very, very best of what Britain has to offer!