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GRASS-FED BEEF: The what, why and where of grass-fed beef

What is Grass-fed beef?

  • ‘Grass-fed’ refers to an animal's diet that is predmoniantly based on grass. Specifically, “grass-fed beef” means the cow from which the meat product under question has come from has grazed on grass during its life rather than grains (which hallmark intensive, industrialised livestock production farms).

  • Grass-fed beef is significantly more difficult and costly for farmers to produce. It requires a great deal of land — usually upto 1 acre for every cow/calf pair—and time; grain-fed cattle are ready to be slaughtered at 12-15 months old, while grass-fed cattle require longer (upto 24 months) to be ready and often end-up lighter weighted.

  • Grass-fed beef is not the same as organic beef; organic beef may still come from cattle that were grain-fed! The only way to be 100% sure of how the cow your beef comes from was fed is to buy directly from a local farmer.

Why Grass-fed beef?

  • Though usually more expensive than grain-fed beef, grass-fed beef is rich in key nutrients, antioxidants and B vitamins.

  • Grass-fed beef is also known to contain significantly lower total saturated (bad) fats than grain-fed equivalents. For example, a sirloin steak from a grass-fed animal is usually expected to have 50% up to 70% less fat than a grain-fed steak.

  • On the other hand, Grass-fed beef is also known to give you 100% to 500% more (good) omega-3 fatty acids which have been found to foster improved heart health, brain function and mood!

Where to buy grass-fed beef? works solely with small-scale farmers that rear cows that are pasture-based; feeding on a mixture of grass, herbs and a few tasty extras such as wheat that they often grow themselves! By connecting you directly to local, small-scale farmers, you can be sure of the feed your cow has been reared with. Try it now!

how it works

  • Sharing a cow together

    Click one of the cows above to buy a share. Then alongside our set cuts, customise your combo of minced products.


    Once 100% sold, your cow is slaughtered and matured for 3 weeks for premium texture and flavour.


    Your meat is then pre-portioned into 28 or 56 meals, vacuum sealed, and finally boxed using biodegradable cartons.


    We'll 'moo-ve' your meat-box to your doorstep, safely chilled, as well as free of any further charge!



    You'll know the farm, farmer, breed and ear tag number of the cow you buy a share of. No more mystery meat! :)


    No hormones or preventative antibiotics for the cow and no nasty additives or preservatives to your meat!


    Your cow will always be reared slowly and naturally. Slaughter takes always place humanely by captive bolt stunning.


    We only slaughter cows once completely sold and offer a nose-to-tail mix of meat in every box so all is used!