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Small Premium Meat Box

3.5 KG / 28 MEALS


This meat box contains 100% natural grass fed beef sourced from high welfare cows that are free range. The cuts, slices and mince products within the meat box are made up from a nose-to-tail cross-section of the unique cow you buy a share of, meaning ZERO waste and 100% traceability! The contents of this grass fed meat box have been prepared by an artisan butcher, portioned per meal into vacuum packed bags, and finally matured using premier aging techniques that deliver beef with the finest flavour and buttery tenderness when cooked. Read more about our ageing techniques here!

At £59.95, our small meat box provides 3.5kg of meat, coming to 28 one person meals at only £2.14 each. Delivered to your door for free, the contents of your meat box conveniently fit in just half a freezer drawer!

Grass fed beef

This meat box is filled with a nose-to-tail selection of melt-in-the-mouth grass fed beef. We consider grass fed beef as beef that comes from cattle that have primarily grazed on grass throughout the course of their lives — a.k.a. pasture fed.

Because our grass fed steaks comes from cows that are 100% free range, they’re free to roam and adventure pastures at will, so their muscles are put to significantly more work than feedlot cattle. This makes our grass fed beef more lean, with less fat and more healthy! What’s more, the grass fed steaks in this meat box have a ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids that’s one average 5 times greater than grain fed beef, with 100% more Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLAs)! Read more on their health benefits of grass fed beef here!

Not to worry though! As the grass fed meat in this meat box comes from cows that are pasture fed using naturally grown grass, they have significantly more minerals and vitamins (besides it’s subtle yet also present fat contents) than they otherwise would. As a result, the rang, depth and richness of flavors — often described as “meaty”, “nutty”– is stronger. It is these taste profiles that strongly attract Michelin Star Chefs to grass fed beef.

Product weights notice

The weights mentioned per cut and slice serve only as indicative figures for this meat box. Our artisan butchers cut by eye to deliver the highest quality and least waste possible so weights may vary ever so slightly.


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juli o., CHARD Outstanding service Cant start to describe the quality of the meat- absolutely perfect Will definitely be buying again

Andy A., Chorley They said how it works and what to expect and they delivered on that promise. Excellent Thank you.

Kath B., Oxford Excellent meat, great service

Christine C., Norwich Delivery was good the guality of the meat is superb would highly recommend it

Kevin H., Welling Great product totally, Fantastic beef the complete package. All cuts are 100. Very good delivery. Very good packaging. No negatives at all. I have already passed my delight on to friends and family. Well done

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