What makes our beef sustainable?

You can cut out the majority of the environmental damage caused by eating beef without going vegan. Here's how our meat boxes make that dream possible.

The Natural Meat Supply

The amount of beef that nature would make available without us sticking our beaks in

Unlike what you’ve maybe heard, we can eat meat sustainably. How? We believe the first step is to make sure we only sell and eat the amount of meat that Earth would naturally provide if we let mother nature take her course! When we eat this amount of meat, Earth and the gasses in the sky are in balance, so eating meat has almost no negative impact on the environment!

The problem is that we love eating so much that we’re now deforesting lands and fertilizing them to grow more feed, for more cows – with more burps – so we can eat much more meat! As you’ve probably heard, this is hurting our soil and sending lots of gas into the sky – really hurting the environment!

So, we think it's a no brainer to go back to eating Earth’s naturally provided amount of meat! A group of scientists have estimated that the Earth would actually supply half of the world’s current meat supply if we let it. So, a very simple first step for us all would be to half the amount of meat we eat. Roughly, that looks like eating about three 120g meat meals a week! To help make things easy, we portion most of our meat products into 120g servings; this way, you can enjoy your 3 meaty dinners a week – both hassle and guilt free!

100% Deforestation Free

The meat you buy here will never come from farms on deforested lands

A huge part of the negative impact that beef can have on the environment comes from deforestation and the greenhouse gasses it releases into the atmosphere. In the beef business, deforestation is usually motivated by the want for space: either for new pastures that cattle can graze on, or to grow cattle feed like Soybeans.

To start turning things around, we make sure our cows are never farmed on pastures that have been cleared through deforestation, or on land that could otherwise be used to farm crops. What’s more, the yummy, grassy, salad bar feed of our cows only ever comes from their own farms or those within a stone’s throw away!

Carbon Catching

From cows on pastures that help clear
carbon emissions

Plants have an amazing ability to heal the environment by sequestering – a fancy word for “catching” – greenhouse gas from the atmosphere and storing it safely in the soil! Grass is the best of the best when it comes to catching, especially when well trimmed and rooted in wormy, healthy soil!

By making sure our cattle are out and about on pastures whenever weather permits – and not in cramped feedlots, the grass they’re grazing on is kept nice and short! What’s more, when they manure and trample it into the ground, they help keep the soil rich and healthy. Together, this keeps greenhouse gasses safely at bay – underground and out of the atmosphere!

From farmers local to you

Meat that's never imported. Always British,
and always local.

Without us really noticing, a lot of the beef we’re eating actually travels thousands of miles to get to our plates – all the way from other countries, far and wide! As you can imagine, all those airmiles are sadly hurting our environment as well as the livelihoods of our local, hardworking farmers.

So, we’re working had to build a network of farmers that are ethical at heart and responsible in deed – all across the country! This means that you’ll be able to buy sustainable beef from farmers that are local to you – reducing the environmental footprint of your beef as well as supporting local farming!