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Why buy from us

Crowdfund your cow here is home to a unique community of people passionate about premium meat that is healthy, globally sustainable — and above all ethical at heart and delicious in taste.

Collectively with family, friends or other members of our community, you can help crowdfund a cow. Once completely financed, it will be butchered, dry-aged and each funder will be allocated a portion that will then be delivered to their door in a meat-box.

Our model helps you trace exactly where the meat you eat comes from, and ensures it is environmentally sustainable as no parts of the cow are wasted. Cutting out the supermarket also means you pay less for premium meat, while helping small-scale farmers earn more!

Price comparison

Logo Logo Marks & Spencer Logo Sainsbury Logo Tesco Logo Waitrose
Large premium meat box of 6.7kg £99.95 £125.17
Marks & Spencer
Price per serving £1.85 £2.32 £1.63 £1.51 £2.05
Price per kilo £14.92 £18.68 £13.15 £12.20 £16.48
Prices are based on the average price quoted for equivalent contents from represented supermarkets (as of 24-07-2018). See detailed price comparison.

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